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Welcome to NaturRing

"NaturRing" (Nature Ring) is a private homepage. This homepage is a encounter place for scientists and people interested in nature. Here you can have links to your nature-related, scientific publications or the information about your new publications published. In exceptional cases we can save your publication on our server at your request and offer it for free download. I reserve the right to accept or decline your offer. There is no entitlement to this.

Over time, several thematically oriented sub-pages will emerge.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me (see below).

Everything on this homepage is free of charge for users. Any kind of support of the homepage is always welcome so that the page can survive because we have no sponsors. A link to this homepage may be placed on all legally clean, topic-like pages. Please ask for pages with other topics.

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Book "Geologists from Russia abroad" (in Russian)

Book Russian Geologists 2014 P.Tchoumatchenko & O.Dietl - free download Book:

"Geologists from Russia abroad: fate and contribution to world science". Editors: Platon Tchoumatchenko & Olga Dietl. 2014. - 478 p.: 611 ill. (PDF, in russian, Download free, 120 MB)

- If you have problems with download, you can contact me by e-mail.

Original-Name: "Геологи российского зарубежья: судьбы и вклад в мировую науку." Редакторы-составители:  Платон Чумаченко, Ольга Дитл. 2014. - 478 стр., 611 илл. (PDF, на русском, бесплатно, 120 МВ)

Link to Info & Download: Book (in russian) PDF

2019: Call for cooperation

The 2nd revised edition of the book mentioned above is in the work. Your Cooperation, corrections, additions, new biographies - your own or other geologist from Russia, which you know, who live (have lived) abroad and work (have worked) as geologists, are very welcome.

You can help us by informing your colleagues about this project. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Biographies of all geologists and miners are placed on an equal footing in the book - from simple collaborators to academicians and luminaries of science. Special merits do not play a role. It's like a pyramid: take out the bottom stones and it will collapse. The book has no ideological context.

The book is not commercial, but science-popular. I, as an editor-compiler, work without honorarium or profit and will print with my money, if there is no sponsor for printing. The sponsors for the financing of the printing, for example scientific societies, publishers or private individuals, are also very welcome and are identified separately in the book.

The scientific organizations, which only by naming their name over the title of the book want to appear as a supporter of the project, please contact me. This can also help with the implementation of the project.

Contact me please via email.



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