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Graduated geologist, research fellow, researcher Olga Dietl

Publications, collaboration or participation in works

1972 – 2021

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Mention in the book: Astashkin V.A., Varlamov A.I., Esakova N.V. et al. Guide on Aldan and Lena Rivers. Siberian Platform. – Third International Symposium on Cambrian System. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Siberian Branch, Institute of Geology and Geophysics; Editors A.Yu. Zhuravlev, L.N. Repina. Novosibirsk, 1990. Citation: List of delegates аnd contributors: Usychenko, O.N., All-Union Sci.-Res. Geol.-Expl. Inst., Liteyny pr. 39, Leningrad , 191104, U.S.S.R. (in Russian, lists in English)

1991 - 1992

8. Usychenko O.N. (VNIGRI). Sedimentation conditions of Frasnian-Famennian deposits in Timan-Pechora region and their correlation. – In book: Paleontology and correlation of heterogeneous and polyfacial deposits. Abstracts of XXXVIII colloquium of the Russian Paleontological Society (January 28 - February 1, 1992, Novosibirsk). 1991, Publishing house of OIGGM SO AN SSSR, Novosibirsk; pp. 96-97. (abstract) (in Russian)

Download: 1991-Usychenko-O-N-Sidementation-Abstrakt.pdf

1995 - 2004

Scientific activity in Germany: Dipl.-Geol. Olga Dietl: State Museum for Natural History Stuttgart (SMNS), from 1995 – unsalaried; from 1.5.1998 to the end of 2004 - research assistant, German Research Foundation (DFG); from the end of 2004 - unsalaried.


Profiles, description of outcrops, correlation and fossil identification are used in the article: V.L. Zinchenko, M.L. Kokulin, N.I. Vasilieva. The structure of the sections of the Vendian and Cambrian deposits between the Lena and Aldan rivers. – In the book: Questions of improving the stratigraphic basis of the Phanerozoic deposits of the oil and gas regions of Russia. Ed .: Vasilyeva N.I., Kirichkova A.I. // SPb., VNIGRI, 1997; Pp. 4-14. Citation page 4: The authors of this study collected and processed the original factual material for a whole group of core holes along the Tommot-Yakutsk profile, which were drilled in the 1980s by the Lena expedition of the PGO Yakutskgeologiya (Fig. 1). Core recovery in such wells has typically been at least 90 percent. The data obtained largely complement the characteristics of the Vendic and Cambrian sediments between the Lena and Aldan rivers, making it possible to clarify the relationship of the geological bodies in the section and the distribution over the area. The main focus is on the lithostratigraphic description of the identified local subdivisions. When establishing the age, the conclusions of experts on different groups of fossils were used: Acritarchs - V.A. Rudavskaya, trilobites - Yu.J. Shabanov, S.V. Zazhigin, Archaeocyates - V.M. Sundukov, brachiopods - G.T. Ushatinskaya, calcareous algae - O.N. Usychenko, small mussel fauna - N.I. Vasilyeva. (in Russian)

9. Dietl G., Dietl O., Kapitzke M., Rieter M., Schweigert G. & Hugger R. The Nusplinger Plattenkalk (White Jura zeta) - excavation campaign 1996. – In: «Jh. Ges. Naturkde. Württemberg», 153, Stuttgart, 1997: pp. 185-203, 6 pl., 4 ill. [The presentation of the new paleontological database, programmer O. Dietl.] (in German)

Download: 1997-Dietl-O-Grabungsbericht-Datenbank.pdf

10. Dietl O. and Ilg A. Paleontological database application for recording museum holdings (using the example of NUSPLINGEN). – «Terra Nostra», 97/6, 1997, Cologne, publ. by the Alfred Wegener Foundation: p. 46. (abstract) (in German)

Download: 1997-Dietl-O-Ilg-A-Datenbanken.pdf

In: Kullmann J. Paleontological databases. – In: "Paläontologie aktuell", bulletin of the Paläontological Society. Addition to the palaeontological journal, issue 35, March 1997. Citation: 7. NUSPL. In planning; Construction in the beginning. Databases of the fossils of the Nusplinger plate limestone and the systematic collection of Jura invertebrates in the Museum am Löwentor Stuttgart are sought. In ACCESS 2.0 for WINDOWS 3.11. Contact: August Ilg, Düsseldorf and scientific associate researcher Olga Usytchenko, SMNS, Museum am Löwentor, Stuttgart. (in German)

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