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Graduated geologist, research fellow, researcher Olga Dietl

Publications, collaboration or participation in works

1972 – 2021

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2. Polyakova G.A., Vasilyeva N.I., Ponomareva G.P., Usacheva I.V., Usychenko O.N. Lithological-facies conditions of the subsalt Vendian and Lower Cambrian deposits of the central part of the Siberian platform. // In: Problems of oil and gas geology of the Siberian platform. – Anthology of scientific papers. L., VNIGRI, 1982, p. 188. (in Russian)

Download: 1982-Poljakova-G-A-Usychenko-O-N-Lithofazies.pdf


Mention in the book: Sokolov B.S., L.V. Mironov. All-Union Paleontological Society. Directory, Leningrad, Len. dep., Publishing house "Nauka", 1984; 258 p. – Citation: "Full members: Usychenko Olga Nikolaevna (Usytschenko), born Leningrad, VNIGRI since 1981. Area of work: Algae of the Late Precambian - Cambrian of the Siberian Platform." (in Russian)


3. Usychenko O.N. Correlation and sedimentation conditions of the Osinsky horizon of the Srednebotuobinskaya area. // In book: Stratigraphy of the Late Precambrian and Early Paleozoic of the Siberian Platform. Sat. scientific. Tr. All-Union. oil. n.-i. geological exploration in-t; scientific. ed. Kokulin M. L., Rudavskaya V. A. - L., VNIGRI, 1985; pp. 114-120. (in Russian)

Download: 1985-Usychenko-O-N-Sedimentation.pdf

4. Archegov V.B., Vereshchako I.A., Goloveshkin A.E., ..., Usychenko O.N., ... and others. for setting up geophysical works and deep drilling in 1986-1990. – Geological report, TED, TEO, TES. VNIGRI, Lenaneftegazgeologia. Rosgeolfond, Central Storage Facility; 1985, Leningrad. 484 sheets, incl. 2 books, 1 appendix. (in Russian, rights as a manuscript)


5. Polyakova G.A., Usacheva I.V., Usychenko O.N., Burova I.A. Sedimentation conditions of carbonate horizons in the central part of the Siberian platform. // In book: Geology of oil and gas reservoirs of the Vendian - Lower Paleozoic of the Siberian platform. L., VNIGRI, 1986; pp. 63-73. (in Russian)

Download: 1986-Poljakova-G-A-Usychenko-O-N-Sedimentation.pdf


6. Usychenko, O.N. Die biofaciale Zonalität im Unterkambrium der Nepsko-Botuoba-Anteklise. – In: Kalkalgen und Stromatolithen (Systematik, Biostratigraphie, Faziesanalyse). Sammelband der wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten. Herausgeber: V.N. Dubatolov & T.A. Moskalenko. Verlag "Nauka", Sibir. Abteil., Novosibirsk, 1988, S. 85-93. // ISBN: 5-02-028766-0 (in Russian)

Download: 1988-Usychenko-O-N-Biofacies-in-russisch.pdf


7. Usychenko O.N., Ivanov V.I., 1989: Functional efficiency of oil and gas geology automatic data retrieval system. – 1989, pp. 33-41. Summary: The functional efficiency of a documentary automatic data retrieval system is calculated using actual data retrieval situations. (in Russian)

Download: 1989-Usychenko-O-N-Ivanov-V-I-Informatik.pdf

The identification of calcareous algae from O.N. Usychenko are used and named in the work: Grausman V.V., Zhernovsky V.P. Over the boundary layers of the Late Precambrian and Cambrian in the sections of deep boreholes in Western Yakutia. – In book: Late Precambrian and Early Paleozoic Siberia. Current issues of stratigraphy: Sat. scientific. tr. // AN SSSR, Sib. Department, Institute for Geology and Geophysics; [Editors: V.V. Khomentovsii, Yu.K. Sovetov and others]. Novosibirsk: IGIG SO AN SSSR, 1989; pp. 75-92. (in Russian)

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