Platon Tchoumatchenko & Olga Dietl
Geologists from Russia abroad: fate and contribution to world science

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"Geologists from Russia abroad: fate and contribution to world science"

Scientific and encyclopedic compendium of the history of geology.

Editors: P. Tchoumatchenko & O. Dietl.

Order: Geological Non-profit Limited, London.

1-st edition; publishing house "Russian Academic Union in Bulgaria", Sofia, Bulgaria, 2014. - 478 p.: 611 ill.

Book in russian.


This scientific publication is an encyclopaedic collection on the history of geology, mining, related industries and scientific fields, related to the natural sciences in which immigrants, representatives of different nationalities, which have left the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, or the Russian Federation in the last two centuries and have developed a wide range of activities.

On those who were at the origin of the geosciences, And about those who continue their work today, is reported in this book. The book contains more than 600 specialists from different geological sciences and workers from exploration and mining companies (including more than 400 short biographies), which are supplemented by photographs and drawings.

Altogether the collection contains more than 1,500 names. The book tells about the contribution of people of different generations to the geology of the countries, In which they have found their new residence, and to geology in general.

The reference section of the book contains registers by name, professions and countries where they have worked, a list of illustrations and a bibliography.

The book is intended for professionals in the history of science and for geologists in various fields, although it may also be of interest to other readers interested in science, history and culture.

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